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business line of credit

No matter how prosperous your business is, sometimes it needs financial support. The reasons can be purchasing better equipment, unstable cash flow, expansion of your business and so on. Many businessmen have found the way out - a business line of credit, which is offered by Personal Money Service. Whatever your reason is – you can apply right now!

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Let Us Help Your Business Grow

There are always two ways to get a business line of credit, no matter secured it is or not. The first one is to apply for it in a bank. It is the most traditional way of getting a credit. But this procedure will waste your time. To match the requirements of the bank, you will have to gather lots of documents.

After getting money from a bank, you will have to maintain financial reviews yearly. In addition, a bank usually proposes a secured line of credit, which can put your company's assets at risk.

Another way is an alternative option. We cooperate with the network of lenders, who will consider your application and propose you a certain sum and an interest rate. If it suits you, you agree and get the money.

Pay attention, that Personal Money Service is not an online lender. It works to connect the borrower with the lender, based on the application details. Our Company is not in charge of the interest rates, APRs or any other terms of an agreement. The questions about these points should be addressed directly to the lender.

Even having a bad credit score, you can hope for a line of credit. Its limit is $150,000. It will be enough for expansion of your business and surviving hard times. This line of credit guarantees cash flow flexibility. Clients can withdraw funds at any time up to the credit limit and only repay interest on the portion used.

Minimum Impact on Your Credit Score

This is one more reason why you should better select this type of credit, not a personal loan. A personal line of credit is treated as an open line of credit. It will help utilize the loan and thus credit score. As a rule, the interest rate of business lines of credit ranges from 7% to 25%. Only if you agree to take a line of credit with the high percentage, it could impact the score negatively because of high utilization.

We do all our best to help our customers find the most suitable line of credit and we are ready to assist you 24/7. Working with us is a simple and safe process – see it for yourself!