Rates & Fees

Personal Money Service is a loan connecting service. It is completely free – the Company will not charge any fees from the customers. It means we are not taking the decision about the loan application, but a lender himself. Our task is to help you find the most suitable loan.

The Company is neither a lender nor an insurance provider. The application you complete is the base of our cooperation with online loan lenders, insurance, and mortgage companies. We are doing our best to propose services, that match your application.

We choose the appropriate financial Australian providers from our network. We do not define interest rate, the terms or the fee our partner will charge you – those items can change depending on various factors. To read more about the Company and how it works, please visit About Us page.

Partner’s Fees and Rates

Once our service finds a financial online lender for a customer and he sends the agreement, be cautious when reading the contract. Look at the exact terms and conditions, interest rates and the fee charged. It is only you who decides whether to move on or to decline the request.

The contract concluded between the customer and the online financial provider is not in PersonalMoneyService’s competence. In case of any questions about interest rates, terms and conditions, fees and other issues, contact your financial provider at first hand.

Liability and Privacy

Au.PersonalMoneyService.com does not assume any liability concerning the application of the consumers or any warranties given by the financial partner we cooperate with. With the help of updated SSL Certificate, our Company keeps all the private details of our customers safe. The personal information you give us is available exclusively for the financial online provider you are connected with. A clear explanation is given in our Privacy Policy.