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If you want to access this web page, your first step should be reading an agreement. If you are on this site, it means that you have got acquainted with this text and agree to its terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

You recognize that you have read the Privacy Policy on our website and do not have any objection to the service’s rules. As a loan matching service, we will use your personal data to find a perfect lender and to increase the probability of getting a loan. No matter what, do not share your non-public information with third parties. You can do it if you do not check obedient box in the application form.

Privacy Disclaimer

Our company does its best to keep your personal information safe. Nevertheless, if you want to continue staying on this site, you automatically give your consent that we are in charge of notifications and advertisements from third partied that are connected to our business. If you use our lender matching webpage, you let us share your data with companies, which give loans. As a matter of course, our service is not liable for the way they use your information.

To protect from spam and unneeded contacts, use a separate e-mail. Beyond that, we recommend you not to use the phone of your company, because third parties may send messages, that do not conform to our policy. Make sure that you did not give your family or private email and do not give information, that can be misused by third parties.


Our service has a right to add some details and change its privacy policy and terms of use. In the event of such additions, you can continue using the website. It will be a proof that you informed yourself of these terms and conditions and agree with them. Therefore, our company recommends you to check if some changes were made in the policy from time to time to keep up on the current agreement.


The service tries its best to update its web page and privacy policy all the time. Yet, it may take some time to keep all the information accurate. Thus, the company is not liable for the correctness of the information placed on this web page.


The company and all the parties, which took part in the creation of the site do not make any warranties.


Your presence on this site indicates that you take the risk connected to using the webpage. Thus, you are aware that the service does not take charge of any viruses, damage or effects occurred on your computer when using this website. You also acknowledge, that you fully understand the risk of downloading texts, materials, medias or any other information.

No third party neither the Company is in charge of underactive or accidental harm that can be caused by the use of the web page. In case of potential losses or damage, the company will not assume its responsibility.


The Company does its best to guarantee the website’s security and protect your personal information. Yet, the service can not guarantee that unauthorized access and changes will never occur. However, the Company constantly tries to support the functionality of the web page and ensure against potential attacks. That is why unauthorized changes may influence the web page content.

Data Usage

Any information submitted to this site via electronic resources (for instance, data, information, suggestions, opinions) will be treated as unsolicited. This unsolicited information may be broadcasted and posted by the Company and third parties. If you presented some ideas, concepts or techniques in the submitted materials, the company is liable to use it.

Images Usage

The Company prohibits the website images usage without its permission. If displayed media will be used unauthorized, it will violate trademark and copyright privacy and publicity laws.

Infographics Usage

It is strictly prohibited to use the company’s infographics without the permission of its author or PersonalMoneyService official. The material can be used only with a link to the company’s website. Full credit should be given to the Company. It is prohibited to redistribute or reproduce infographics. The Company is not responsible for the use of its infographics.


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The Company is not in charge of the content of the linked websites. It is not responsible for the websites, directories, or resources that may line to the company’s website.  The users take their own risk when following them.

Advertisements and Deals

The users are responsible for the contacts with advertisers published on this web page, that may include deliveries, use of services, money transactions. The Company is not in charge of any potential inaccuracies, damages or losses connected with these deals despite the presence of aforementioned advertisers on the website.

Materials usage

All the website users agree not to copy or monitor the represented material if they did not get the written permission of the Company. It is strictly prohibited to interfere with the webpage’s work by using any programs or devices. It is prohibited to reproduce, modify, alter or copy materials displayed on the webpage.